hatch nomex balaclava

Nomex Balaclava | Honeywell

Balaclava, Nomex® material. Warm, washable and fire retardant. Let's Connect! Sign up to receive exclusive communications from Honeywell including product updates, technical …


Hatch balaclava 1-hole Nomex | Recon Company

Tactical 1-hole balaclava made of 100% aramid with a protective effect up to 427 C from DuPont, thus flame retardant One size fits… Hatch balaclava 1-hole Nomex | Recon …


Hatch – NH3000 Nomex Light Weight Balaclava – Tan

Balaclavas Velcro Hats Boonie Hats Berets Misc. Hats Scarves Ball Caps Gloves ECW Gloves & Liners Trigger Mittens & Liners Tactical Gloves Flight Gloves Goretex Gloves …


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